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Research Mentoring Program

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Ivy League Professors

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iBridge Education’s research mentoring program  aims to connect our students with outstanding research faculties at prestigious schools while helping our students to better understand the research process and to develop core research skills in their areas of interest. 


The program is designed to help beginners gain basic knowledge of the research process and build skills such as literature review, data analysis, and research paper writing. For students who already have core research skills, an advanced research program can provide in-depth research experience.

Students who participate in this program will complete a research project while working closely with research faculty. They will have the opportunity to write a research paper on an advanced topic while building long-term connections with outstanding professors.

Research Mentoring Program Topics

All Professor

Our Professors

Biomedicine Field by Duke professor

  • Professor at Duke University

  • Ph.D., Duke University

  • 25 years experience conducting human subjects research

Biomedicine Field by Harvard research faculty

  • Physician, bioengineer, and professionally licensed chemical engineer

  • Research faculty at Harvard University

  • Extensive experience mentoring students in completing innovative research and design projects that advance the field of bioengineering

Geology and Environmental Science by Columbia professor

  • Professor at Columbia University

  • Research scientist

Big Data and Machine Learning by Harvard teaching faculty

  • Harvard teaching faculty

  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

  • M.A., Harvard University 

  • B.S., Cornell University

Bio-Medical Field
Geology & Environmental Science
Big Data & Machine Learnin

Economics and Finance by Columbia University Professor

  • ​Professor at Columbia Business School, awarded "Most Popular Professor" by Columbia Students

  • MBA, Wharton School of Business 

  • 30+ years of experience in financial industry, 20+ years of experience in teaching

  • Founder of investment consulting company

  • Recognized as Amazon's most popular economic investment writer

Law, History, & International Relations by Yale Tenure Professor

  • Tenured Professor at Yale Law School

  • Master of History, Harvard University

  • Ph.D., Yale Law School

  • Formerly taught at New York University, Harvard University, Georgetown University and University of Toronto

  • One of the most cited legal scholars in America

Chemical & Environmental Engineering by Yale Professor

  • Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at Yale University

  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology

  • 25+ years of experience teaching at Yale University

Music Mentoring

  • Vice President of the International Music Council

  • Former President of the International Society for Music Education

  • Previously taught at the University of Southern California

Finance/ Economics
Chemical & Environment Engineering
Law, History, International Relation
Music Mentor
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