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Private School Counseling​
Learn, Grow and Achieve in every stage of your education


Comprehensive School

Selection Guidance

Our academic consultants will analyze students’ interests and strengths and then recommend well-known private high schools in the United States that are suitable for student growth.


Extracurricular Activities Advising

After evaluating students’ interests and hobbies, consultants will recommend extracurricular activities, student club activities, sports, and summer programs that will enhance students’ college applications. 


Mock Interviews with Top High 

School Admission Officers

Admission officers from top high schools will train students to improve their interview skills


Assist Students and Parents Getting To Know Selected High Schools

iBridge coaches will help parents and students understand every aspect of the selected school and will assist with school visits.



Tests Preparation

iBridge will closely track students’ academic progress throughout the service period. We will assist students in planning and preparing for the tests.


Application Essay & Material Preparation​

iBridge coaches will guide students through every aspect of the application essays writing process, helping them to highlight strengths, academic skills, and extracurricular experiences while also honing grammar and rhetoric

High School Friends
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