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Image by Somesh Kesarla Suresh

Application Assistance

Build an application that will stand out


Course Planning

Formulate monthly and yearly goals to track your academic progress

Extracurricular Activities Planning

Recommend tutors and industry experts to develop extracurricular interests and strengthen other core academic areas

Full Year Customized Planning

Create a custom plan for summer, mid-semester, and application seasons

Research Projects

Match you with research projects and Ivy League professors and mentors


Application Materials and Essays Preparation

Assist in preparing your application materials and essays for the application season

Interview Coaching

Mock interview with experienced admission officers

Six-to-one team to student ratio

Each student will have six supporting staff in the counseling team

Ivy League expert counseling

Review application materials with admissions experts from the schools you are applying to. 

School Selection

Provide support in school selection after acceptance

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