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College Admissions Counseling

iBridge Education is dedicated to the educational and personal growth of its students. We understand the importance of a strong profile in the college admissions process, and we work strategically to consider the personal needs of each student and how to best help them grow in order to help them pursue the colleges of their dreams. Our team of expert staff is committed to supporting students in their high school trajectories in the following areas:

College Admissions Planning

This includes a holistic analysis of individual student’s needs, interests, and goals; analysis on pursuing the student’s dream major/school/career path; timeline planning; and progress management.

Extracurricular Activities

Considering that this is an important part of the student’s high school career, we work to help students plan for clubs and community service in and outside of school.

Summer School Program Planning

Students must also utilize the summertime well to be competitive for top colleges and universities. As such, we help students identify competitive summer programs that are suited to their interests and goals.

College Applications

This is a crucial piece of our services. In this area, our services include finalizing the college list; finalizing the major selection for each university; guidance on choosing EA/ED schools; interview guidance and training; recommendation letter management; timeline management; application material preparation; essay brainstorming and editing; guidance on organizing the activity list; application supplement preparation; guidance on application filing; and final application review.

 Academic Management

Our counselors work to support students in class selection guidance and planning for standardized tests.

Competition and Awards

We offer advice and guidance on how to navigate selecting and applying for competitions and awards according to the student’s profile.

Elite Package Students

We also offer our Elite Package students other services in addition to the support given above. These services include school communication and problem solving guidance; leadership cultivation; portfolio management; athletic recruitment support; mentorship in writing, public speaking, leadership, time management, and other skills; research program consultation and application preparation; summer program application preparation for up to 3 schools per year; guidance for competition and awards management and applications; recommender management; college financial aid application support, and college enrollment consultation.

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